I peer in and see myself, my life house. All things taken for granted are noticed. All status quo is undone.

I turn around and I see my dreams up in the sky around the house. What I want my future to be. How I want my children to live. How I want to grow old.

How to get there?

Beside me is my husband. We are lying in bed, resting at the end of a long day. Intimate. Real. I tell him about my life house, my dreamscape, about me. And then he talks back. He notices everything. Understands everything. Knows exactly what to say, even if it's not what I want to hear.

Pillow talk.

He knows every part of me, good and bad. He loves me most of all. He is wise because he knows and loves.

I feel complete security, safeness. The two are one. There is no 'I' in this world, but 'we'. There is no loneliness. No fear. It is a magical place, marriage.

As the masterful song 'Nature Boy' says,

The greatest thing you'll ever learn

is to love and be loved in return.

The new Cinderella has become a favorite among my family clan. We have it on our phones and the toddler nieces, Audrey and Vincenza, will scroll through to the only parts they are interested in: the dance and the ending. Girly to the core. : )

I remember seeing the movie in the theater, soon after James and I were married. It struck me deeply.  

'Have courage and be kind,

for where there is kindness there is goodness,

and where there is goodness there is magic.'

Not only this main adage of the movie, but at the very end, when Cinderella is seen as she really is, and sees the Prince as he really is, and both love wholly.

'This is perhaps the greatest risk we will ever take, to be seen as we truly are.' 

Yet it is the most beautiful magic in the world. Love is not blind, for God is love.

Lavender green dilly dilly

Lavender blue

You must love me dilly dilly

For I love you.