A Charming Day in D.C.

We find ourselves sitting in a van, bumping down the interstate. Freezing. Cold. Rainy. But it's ok, because we're playing at the Ritz-Carlton in Georgetown, DE in the District of Columbia. Woohoo! These are those times when the life of the traveling musician is really awesome!

We pull into DC a little past midnight. We are pretty exhausted, but I am already checking my GoogleMaps for all the surrounding tourist delights that await us in the morning.

I wake up at 6am. I fall back asleep. I wake up at 7:30am.

"JAMES! Wake up! We are going to miss it!!!"

James moans.

"JAMES! Wake up! Don't you want to go see DC? Come on!!!"

James groans. "When do we have to load in?"

"Around noon. So we don't have very long!"

"Ok. I'm getting up. Getting up."

"No you're not! GET UP!!!" I throw the sheets off him and start tickling him. It works. He's out of bed. I am showered in 5 minutes. He is showered in 3 minutes. We are dressed in 10 minutes. We are out the door!

It's a beautiful day! And we are in downtown Georgetown!

"Isn't this fun?!" I say, grinning from ear to ear. There's a nippy wind blowing, but the sun is shining as it makes its way up the path of the blue sky, and surrounding us are old-time Edwardian buildings mixed in with hip new city buildings.

James hugs me super tight. I almost fall over. He is 6'2" after all and my stock of muscle mass is lamentable.

First we visit the beautiful Cathedral of St. Matthew. Washington DC is famous for the most awarded mosaic art of the West. It is spectacular. I really really really admire whoever has the patience to make huge beautiful pictures out of tiny pieces of glass.

Afterwards, we emerge again into the sunlight, refreshed and at peace. We walk down the sidewalk, taking in the sights, the sounds, the smells. We have been in several big cities. New York City is the place for everyone: immigrants, emigrants, businessman, celebrities, vagrants, criminals, the everyman. Seattle is the place for hipsters. Only hipsters. Washington DC is the place where people go who want to make it onto FOX News. 

Briefcases. 3-piece suits (on men and women). Trench coats. Everywhere.

I feel like I recognize at least 5 people in a half-mile walk. Senators? Governors? FOX News talk-show hosts? Who knows… Wait a minute. Are these people really deciding our future?!!!!


Flowers everywhere!

Little gardens all over the sidewalks.

I am in love!!!

Then I look up. MORE FLOWERS!!! And on trees! My favorite…

And now we're in a gorgeous neighborhood. I mean, gorgeous. As in, if I was in England, I would be feeling like my life had arrived

"This is like the town in My Fair Lady!" I stand up straighter just at the thought of Audrey Hepburn.

"What's that?" James says.

"What? You don't know My Fair Lady???"

"Honey, I really don't know a lot about musicals."

"But you're a musician!"

He shrugs.

"We'll just have to have a musical marathon when we get home. Oklahoma. Sound of Music. My Fair Lady. That'll be fun!"

"Isn't it a beautiful day?" James says quickly. "Look at those flowers."

More flowers.

James is fascinated by the peonias. His yellow shirt goes very nicely with them, I think. And the sun goes very nicely with his yellow shirt. I really love James. I really love the sun. I really love flowers. LIFE IS WONDERFUL!!!

And then I find the street with My Fair Lady houses and cottage gardens. I am in Heaven. One of my biggest dreams is to have a small house with a gable and a cottage garden. Ahhh…

And to have enough money saved up to hire Star Nurseries to do all the grunt work for me so I can spend my time watering the flowers, singing to the flowers, Instagraming the flowers, plucking the flowers, and sprinkling seeds while I twirl in a skirt.

Then I see it. It's my favorite color. My most favorite color in the whole wide world. That shade that is almost purple, but not that dark. Almost lavender, but not that pink. Almost blue, but not that…blue. It's not quite periwinkle. It's just pure GORGEOUS.

Then, deciding that I can't spend my entire life taking iPhone photos, we step into a lovely French restaurant called Le Pain Quotidien that we made the acquaintance of in New York City and order omelettes and coffee and chocolate croissants. 

And I get to eat them with my favorite person who has never seen The Sound of Music but loves that I love flowers.